A few dozen of them are alive in the World now.

Name Color Observations


Ampophrenon Gold Order of Light Leader Conclave representative 6-1
Belosiphon black historical, corrupted by the Chaos. Elevated by Scyllith 2000 years before her fall. Belosiphon rebelled against her and she recruited an alliance of Dragons to put him down. (m) 9-1; (m) 9-19
Elivathrined ? Historical, killed by the Empire (m) 6-1
Ilvassirnil Silver Historical, last silver dragon, deceased (m) 6-1
Khazdiroth Green 5-23
Ramandiloth Blue Very old 6-34
Razzavinax Red Teach Warlocks  Conclave representative 6-18
Semathildon Black Historical, last black dragon, deceased (m) 6-1
Telithamilon  Blue Residing in the Wyrmrange (m) 5-18
Varsinostro Green Residing in the Wyrmrange Conclave Representative (m) 5-18 ; 9-1
Zanzayed Blue Conclave representative 5-22

Khadizroth Green


Telithamilon Blue Residing in the Wyrmrange

(m) 5-18

Zanzayed Blue Conclave representative