A few dozen of them are alive in the World now.

Name Color Observations


Ampophrenon Gold Order of Light Leader Conclave representative 6-1
Belosiphon black historical, corrupted by the Chaos (m) 9-1
Elivathrined ? Historical, killed by the Empire (m) 6-1
Ilvassirnil Silver Historical, last silver dragon, deceased (m) 6-1
Khazdiroth Green 5-23
Ramandiloth Blue Very old 6-34
Razzavinax Red Teach Warlocks  Conclave representative 6-18
Semathildon Black Historical, last black dragon, deceased (m) 6-1
Telithamilon  Blue Residing in the Wyrmrange (m) 5-18
Varsinostro Green Residing in the Wyrmrange Conclave Representative (m) 5-18 ; 9-1
Zanzayed Blue Conclave representative 5-22

Khadizroth Green


Telithamilon Blue Residing in the Wyrmrange

(m) 5-18

Zanzayed Blue Conclave representative