Goddess of Cunning, a former member of the Pantheon , now exiled, reviled for unnamed crimes and known as Queen of the Demons. She ousted Scyllith and took over Hell and has vowed to take down the entire Pantheon. Despite this, she has a sense of humor and is devoted to people she is close to.

Her worshipers are organised in the Black Wreath, whose mortal leaderis Embras Mogul.

She is the mother of Vadrieny and has a conflictual relation with Arachne Tellwyrn.

Former consort to Emperor Sharidan under the name Lilian Riaje. When seen in Sarasio as Lily, she was pregnant, apparently by Sharidan.

Her appearance at the hellgate and imperial Outpost C9-121 to the  Imperial Army soldiers Finchley, Moriarty and Rook provoked their mutation to the Unseen University.