All the divinities in the world of The Gods Are Bastards.

Gods Area of interests Demonym Organization Chief Priest Observations
Pantheon members
Avei War, Justice and Protection of Women Avenists Sisters of Avei High Commander Farzida Rouvad
Calomnar Not specified Chaos-tainted
Eserion Thieves and Subtlety Eserites Thieves' Guild High Priest


Izara Love Izarites
Nemitoth Knowledge Nemitites

Life, the Sun and Agriculture

Ouvis Sky
Salyrene Magic Salyrites Goddess
Shaath Hunters, Explorers and Pioneers Shaathists Huntsmen of Shaath Grandmaster Veisroi
Vemnesthis Time
Verniselle Money Vernisites Goddess
Vesk Bards Veskers
Vidius Death, Duality and Theatre Vidians
Former Pantheon members
Elilial Cunning, Queen of Demons Elinists Black Wreath High priest Embras Mogul exiled of the Pantheon
Themynra Judgment and Mind drow nearer surface voluntary left
Other Gods
Khar Orcs Dead
Naiya Nature Elder Goddess
Naphthene Sea No organized religion
Scyllith Light, Beauty and Cruelty Elder Goddess
Sorash Apparently killed by Arachne? (TGAB 10-33) God of the pantheon?
Araneid Spider Goddess Elder Goddess