Frontière town, roughly sixteen hundred miles to the northwest of Tiraas,at the rim of the space-altering magical prairie dubbed the Golden Sea. It has a Rail connection with Calderaas. It's at the feet of the mountain of the Unseen University .


Ale & Wenches  : tavern

Rail Station : 

Scrolltower : 

Sheriff's office and Jail : 

Temple of Vidius :

Known Residents

Akers : doctor in town

Cleese : Mayor

Cratchley, Mabel : crotchety and extremly opinionated resident

Crete, Jason : former Imperial Army soldier.

Crete, Silas : Scrolltower operator

Laws, Father : cleric in town

Lowery : owner of the Ale & Wenches tavern

Sanders, Samuel  : Sheriff

Taft, Hiram : owner of Last Rock’s bank

Tarvadegh, Val : priest of Vidius (1183)

Whipportwill, Ox : deputy to the sheriff

Wilson : citizen of Last Rock